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Project Description
BizTalk tool that generates Sandcastle documentation from BizTalk artifacts deployed into the databases. Promotes documentation as part of the solution lifecycle. Documentation structure mimics the Admin Console and extracts documentation comments from all sources.


The purpose of this project is to have a tool that:
  • Helps BizTalk developers create comprehensive better documentation for their solutions
  • Promote better artifact documentation by extracting comments and notes from the BizTalk artifacts themselves and making it a part of the documentation
  • Create a strong starting point for solution documentation

Software Prerequisites

This project generates a Sandcastle Help File Builder project, which in turn uses Sandcastle to build CHM, Visual Studio and web-based help output. You need both of these projects installed (plus Sandcastle Styles) in order to generate any meaningful output.

This project also need to run on a machine with BizTalk installed.


The following demonstrates documenting the BPM Solution Scenario from the BizTalk SDK Samples.

Download zipped CHM

The following is a screenshot of comments found in the BizTalk Administration Console:


You can observe these comments in the documentation here:

Here's a screenshot of what the BRE rules look like:


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